VJ Web is a platform that allows the sharing of exams online. The exams are submitted on the platform making it available for analysis / correction from any point.

  1. Each user’s electrocardiography exams stored on the memory card are imported into the VJ Desktop Pro / VJ Reader application (1).
  2. These examination data are then placed anonymously in a remote database through the VJ Web component in order to allow access by the different stakeholders without violating patients’ privacy (2).
  3. The examinations are then analyzed by a health professional (3) who checks the ECG signal quality and performs the analysis of the exams using the VJ Holter Pro application, using a set of algorithms where parameters of interest are extracted on the exams.
  4. The final validation of the examination analysis is validated by a cardiologist (4).

It should be noted that this whole process was developed in order to maintain the anonymity of the user of the exam.
Each VJ Web platform client can access a reserved area to monitor / manage registered users and the available platform exams for their institution.

The VJ Web platform has a set of associated alarms to alert users: every time you receive a new exam, you will notify the technician / doctor who is associated with the exam’s examination of the corrective exam by email. The technician / doctor can access the exam from Holter Pro software where you can download it for analysis / correction.

The platform also offers the option to analyze the exams remotely. The exam will be parsed on the server. After analysis, the technician / physician is notified by email of a new examination, which is already analyzed, saving time for analysis by health professionals.