VitalJacket is the first medical device that combines the latest textile technology with advanced Biomedical Engineering solutions.

VitalJacket is a heart monitor built into a comfortable, easy-to-wear t-shirt. It can be used up to 72 hours continuously allowing physicians to make a more correct and assertive diagnosis of possible heart problems.

The VitalJacket electronic recorder is small (66x38x16 mm), light (50 g) and placed in a pocket on the side of the t-shirt. The electronic recorder has a color code, which indicates the state of operation of the device, which is easy to see and interpret for both health professionals and users.

The VitalJacket is equipped with Bluetooth that allows users to view the signal in real time before prolonged use and monitor a training session. This feature also allows remote sending of the ECG signal in real time to another location via a computer with an internet connection.

The VitalJacket is the only Holter system that incorporates an accelerometer. The results of this functionality are analyzed and transformed into an easy-to-interpret scale (0 to 4) that allows the clinician to cross-reference patient activity data with changes in heart rate and episodes of arrhythmias.

VitalJacket is available in two versions:

VitalJacket 1L

ECG 1-lead outpatient clinic for long-term monitoring (can save up to 5 days of continuous data), high-throughput training situations or cardiac rehabilitation. The VitalJacket 1L is the most comfortable medical device capable of functioning as a continuous event detector: the cardiologist can analyze all events marked by the patient but also possible asymptomatic periods throughout the entire stroke. Access to the electrocardiographic data can be done in real time (face-to-face or remotely) or after the end of the monitoring.

VitalJacket Motion 5L

5-lead Holter system capable of continuously recording up to 72 hours of ECG data, used for arrhythmia screening. VitalJacket can be used by the patient for much longer than other systems on the market. Access to longer periods of clinical information allows health professionals to make a more correct and assertive diagnosis of possible cardiac problems.