The VitalJacket SDK provides a tool set for controlling / processing data from the VJ device: ECG signal, accelerometer data, RTC (Real Time Clock), device battery level, event button, etc.

Our aim is to offer new possibilities of integration Vitaljacket in R & D projects, development of new prototypes and products offering programmers an SDK / API for different programming environments, with drivers and examples of use (source code), also allowing the configuration of the VJ device through a simple messaging protocol.

The VitalJacket SDK provides:

  • Windows application for testing and data acquisition;
  • Android app
  • Data export tools: ECG signal (1-5 leads), beat-to-beat R-R (ms), QRS position (sample offset), triaxial accelerometer (X, Y, Z, ± 4g)
  • Windows DLL for QRS detection (Pam & Tompkins algorithm, validated in the MIT-BIH database)