Security Monitor and Team Positioning

Reliable information on the location and physiological status of each individual is of paramount importance, predicting possible accidents and emergency situations. A typical and worrying example is the shock and / or thermal exhaustion of firefighters. These professionals are usually subject to states of thermal stress during their routine work.

A module will be created to allow the location and real-time observation of each individual’s physiological state of the search and rescue units (Safety and Positioning Team Monitor) through the use of a non-invasive electronic garment system, as simple as one T-Shirt, enabling the collection of information and its dissemination through a wireless network.

This system connected to a gateway, typically a PDA, can then send data over the GPRS network.

For this project will be developed a specific version that will have an integrated GPRS system in order to allow the autonomous operation of the technology and will be implemented the application integration with the monitoring systems of SIGEL.