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Frequent questions VitalJacket


How long can it be used?
VitalJacket can be worn by the patient allowing at least 72 hours of continuous exams. Nevertheless the length of the exam should be adjusted by your doctor according to your symptoms enabling physicians to do a correct assessment of different cardiac problems in an everyday life environment.
How to use VitalJacket?
VitalJacket is the most comfortable and easy to wear ambulatory ECG in the market. Click here to download VitalJacket Simple Guide.
How to wash?
Remove the electronic device box from the T-shirt’s pocket and follow the labeled  instructions.
What is VitalJacket?
VitalJacket is a medical device that is able to perform an electrocardiogram using a very comfortable t-shirt with a digital recorder that sits easily in a dedicated pocket inside the t-shirt.
Where can I perform a VitalJacket exam?
Click here to find where VitalJacket is available.
Where to buy?

Please contact our office for more information about where to acquire VitalJacket systems.

Who can/should use?
Everyone can perform an exam with VitalJacket for it is a non-invasive device with no contra-indications. VitalJacket is recommended for everyone who needs to monitor their cardiac activity namely people with cardiac problems, professional and amateur athletes or patients scheduled for a general health check-up. Nevertheless VitalJacket should only be used under medical supervision for it requires a final report which can only be done by a health professional.