Safety and Positioning Team Monitor tetracycline uk pharmacy.

Firemen may be exposed to thermal stress and exhaustion situations during their normal activities. Subjected to accidents and emergency situations on a daily basis, it is of capital importance to determine accurately the firemen location and the physiological state of each individual.

The SAFER project will create a module to locate and observe in real time the physiological state of each firemen in different search and rescue units (Safety and Positioning Team Monitor) with VitalJacket, an non-invasive wearable electronic device which gathers and transmit through a wireless network.

This system is connected to a gateway (typically a PDA) transmitting data through GPRS. For this project a specific version of VitalJacket with a GPRS system is being developed. The final module will be integrated enabling the autonomous functioning of the technology and the possibility to be implemented with SIGEL monitoring systems.