Massive Information Scavenging with Intelligent Transportation Systems

The goal of the MISC project is to devise efficient, secure and dependable system architectures for a massively distributed urban scanner composed of private cars, taxis, city buses and trucks, which, while pursuing their usual routes at various speeds in a scattered fashion, are capable of gathering, storing, processing, and disseminating massive amounts of data.

Depending on the sensing equipment installed in the vehicle, the captured data sets can be extremely rich and varied, including information about road conditions, traffic characteristics, commercial services, environmental parameters, and sampled measurements of critical infrastructures (such as the water distribution network and the local power grid). As an important addition, the envisioned massive data gathering system shall take the human factor into consideration, exploiting novel wearable sensing technology to collect vital biomedical data about drivers and passengers on urban transportation. This a�?human factora�? task will be the responsibility of Biodevices S.A.

Main Institution

feupA�A�Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto


Associated Partners

IEETAA�A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A�Instituto de Engenharia ElectrA?nica eA� TelemA?tica de Aveiro / UA

china pharmacy purchase medication. FCA�Faculdade de CiA?ncias da Universidade do Porto

BiodevicesA�A�Biodevices, Sistemas de Engenharia BiomA�dica, S.A.