Clinica da Liga uses VitalJacket to perform daily Holter exams for its data quality, comfort and diversity of biological parameters it enables to analyze. VitalJacket assumes an important role as a new diagnostic tool at the clinica��s Cardiovascular Department.





LabMED performs diagnostic exams in a wide range of fields namely in Cardiology. VitalJacket is a used as a long term Holter (3 days), an exam that allows doctors to make a more accurate accessment of the patienta��s cardiac problems.





UCardio is a clinical centre whose primary mission is to prevent, diagnose and treat cardiovascular diseases. It was one of the first clinics in Portugal to use VitalJacket has a daily diagnostic tool. At UCardio you can perform e long term Holter or a Loop Event Recorder with VitalJacket. what does viagra cost.