The ECG signal is automatically analyzed by VJ Holter Pro software. QRS complexes are identified and separated by class and morphology. The software displays the results in easy to browse lists, tables and histograms enabling a quick visualisation of the most relevant events. All results from the automatic analysis can be edited by class or individually with either only two mouse clicks or smart keyboard shortcuts. Results, reports and analysis parameters can be adjusted to each patient and configured individually.

VJ Rehab is a software specially designed to monitor prescribed exercise for Cardiac and Physical Rehabilitation patients. With this platform you can monitor up to 21 patients managingA�efficiently all sessions and changing exercise plans according to the evolution of the rehabilitation program.

VJ Holter Pro and Rehab may also be integrated into a Web Server which permits both downloading and uploading examinations and complete reports. Contact ourA�technical supportA�department for more information on VJ Web Server.

VJ Desktop Reader is a complementary free software and can be downloaded from our website.

NOTE: VJ Desktop Pro requires Windows Vista/XP or superior with USB 1.1; 4 Gb RAM;A� SD card reader and Core Duo 2 GHz or superior; 500 MB minimum free disk space

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