VitalJacket is the first certified medical device combining wearable technology and mainstream biomedical engineering solutions.







VitalJacket is an easy-to-wear t-shirt, very comfortable and reliable cardiomonitor. The fact that can be worn by the patient allowing at least 72 hours of continuous exams enables physicians to do a correct assessment of cardiac problems in an everyday life environment.

VitalJacket includes a small (66x38x16 mm) lightweight (50g) box Digital Recorder that sits easily in a dedicated pocket inside the t-shirt. The recorder displays a simple and visible colour code that allows easy interpretation by both health practitioners and patients of all VitalJacketA?s functionalities.







VitalJacket is equipped with a Bluetooth transmitter, enabling users to view the signal in real time, before a recording takes place or during a training session. With this special feature, it is also possible to send the signal remotely to another location using either a computer or a PDA with an internet connection.

VitalJacket is the only Holter system with an embedded accelerometer. These results are displayed in an easy to interpret scale (0 to 4) allowing the doctor to match cardiac frequency and arrhythmia data with the patients movement intensity.

VitalJacket is available in two versions:

one_heartA�VitalJacket 1L

A�1 lead ambulatory ECG for long term use (can store up to 5 days of continuous data) and is used in cardio training or cardiac rehabilitation exercise monitoring. VitalJacket 1L is the most comfortable medical device able to perform a continuous event detector: the cardiologist may analyse all events signalled by the patient as well as asymptomatic periods which can be associated with cardiac disease in real time or after a long period of monitoring.










multiple_heartsA�VitalJacket Motion 5L

5 leads Holter system able to record 72 hours of continuous signal and is used for cardiac screening in patients with arrythmias. VitalJacket Motion 5L can be worn by the patient for longer periods than other ambulatory ECG systems in the market. The access to increased periods of such clinical information allows doctors to do a more accurate assessment of their patienta��s cardiac problems in more natural, daily environment.









ClickA�hereA�to download the VitalJacket informative document.

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