PetratexA�assumes a leadership position as a main partner who is in charge of the production of textiles in conjunction with our technical of microelectronics. Petratex is a prestige company of textiles in Portugal with an innovation concept that offers standard quality in every developed product. A� Nosew is a new technique for textiles where the weakness of seams gives way to the strength of glue in innovative, eye-catching attractive designs. The impact of the look and its undeniable comfort attracts the most demanding consumers. This cutting-edge technology from Petratex is implemented on the VitalJacket making it really comfortable and sophisticated.

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Instituto de Cardiologia do NorteA�(ICN) is a Portuguese Institution dedicated to provide excellence in Clinical Cardiology services to hospitals and associated clinics. ICN supports Biodevices in the development of new clinical applications for VitaJacket, namely in the cardiovascular diagnosis area breaking boundaries and achieving new procedures towards modern medicine. Counseling and implementation procedures promoted by ICN were and continue to be an invaluable contribution to the development of our product. otc lamisil where to buy.