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Giro della Prov. di Reggio Calabria 2011

VitalJacket at the Giro d’Italia 2011

VitalJacket at the Giro d’Italia? Absolutely! The Colnago Team will be monitored with VitalJacket during the night period after each one of the 21 stages of the Giro. These observations will be carried out by a specialized Sport Monitoring Service in order to understand how good are the athletes stress …

VJ 24

10th Anniversary of APPPC

The 10th Anniversary of the Portuguese Association of Pacemakers and ICD Carriers (APPPC) was celebrated on May 1st in Espinho. This event began with a beautiful walk by the beach where some of the associates were monitored with VitalJacket. The results were presented at the end of the day and …

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VitalJacket at XXXII Congresso Português de Cardiologia

The XXXII Congresso Português de Cardiologia was another highlight for VitalJacket at 2011. Biodevices was present at the most important national event in Cardiology with Cardiosolutions, our representative in Portugal. The results of the clinical assay (Circadian distribution of ventricular ectopic activity in patients admitted to Cardiovascular Rehabilitation program) done in …